Guidelines for Video Content

The Donor Games Open events require that athletes submit a full workout video in order to participate in the competition. These videos are included in the playlist for each Open on the Donor Games YouTube channel.

All registered Donor Games Open participants will receive an email with credentials needed to download and use the Donor Games app (available in iOS and Android). This app allows for real-time uploading of video content from a mobile device to the Donor Games judges. Learn more about the Donor Games app.

Guidelines for Recording Your Workout Video

In addition to the workout rules specific to each competition, there are additional video recording guidelines that all competitors must follow.

  • Camera placement: Place the camera at a proper distance to fully capture the entire workout. We recommend setting the camera up 7–8 feet away. Your video should be shot with the subject at a 90-degree angle.
  • Music: Playing popular or recognizable music in the background while you are recording your video may cause a copyright violation with YouTube. Consider using earbuds to listen to music during your recorded workout or select a music track from YouTube’s audio library.
  • Minimum resolution: Please ensure your video is recorded and uploaded at 1080p resolution. This will be crucial for judging your form and movements.
  • Recording with DSLR: Most DSLR digital cameras have a build-in shut off at around 30 minutes. If your workout extends beyond this time period, be sure to have a second camera set up and ready to capture the second half of your workout.
  • Recording with a cell phone:
    • Check that you have enough space to record your workout in its entirety. A good guideline is that if you are recording at 4K resolution, 1 minute is roughly equivalent to 1GB of memory.
    • Set your phone to airplane mode to prevent phone calls from interrupting your recording.
  • Timing: Athletes are responsible for self-timing their workout, either using an app (WOD Tracker, SmartWOD Timer, WETime) or by having a gym clock or iPad with a timer in view throughout the workout.
  • Recording with an iPhone: Competitors have had good results recording with an iPhone 14 at 1080p HD at 30 fsp (frames per second). To change your iPhone to this setting, open Settings, select Camera, select Record Video, and check the 1080p HD at 30 fsp option.

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