Judges & Staff

Kevin Turcio

Kevin Turcio, owner and head coach of Affinity Athletics, is the head judge for all Donor Games Open competitions. He also coordinates and supervises the volunteer corps of judges for the Donor Games Championships and provides guidance on the development of all competition rules. Kevin is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Specialist and is a USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach and Level 2 Advanced Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach.

Michael Lollo

Mike Lollo is a non-directed living kidney donor and the Chief Strategy Officer of the National Kidney Registry. Mike serves as Master of Ceremonies for the Donor Games Championships and assists with various communications to Donor Games athletes. In addition, Mike handles publicity for sponsored athlete competitions and Donor Games events.

Lori O’Brien

Lori O’Brien is the behind the scenes support for all Donor Games competitions. She oversees all competition registrations, athlete video submissions, prize payments and athlete communications. Lori also provides website updates and social media support for the Donor Games.

Founding Sponsors

  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Kidney Registry
  • National Kidney Donation Organization