1-Mile Swim

In the 1-Mile Swim Open, contestants compete to see who can complete a 1-mile swim (1,500 meters or 1,650 yards) the fastest. Participants can use any pool. They must provide the exact length of the pool (in yards, feet or meters) and use the Swim Lap Calculator to determine the exact number of laps needed to finish the mile swim.

Swim Lap Calculator

The Swim Lap Calculator helps contestants know the exact number of laps needed to finish the mile swim. By giving the unit of measurement and the length of the pool you will compete in, the calculator will compute the required number of laps to complete the race. Laps are counted as going down and back the distance of the swimming pool.

What is the unit of measurement of your pool?

How many is your pool?

You will need to swim laps (You will end on the other side of the pool) to complete the race.

Workout Rules

To be considered for the podium and cash prizes, all competitors in 1-Mile Swim Open events must adhere to the following rules and complete the workout within the 1-hour time cap.

  • The clock starts once the athlete dives into the pool or pushes off the wall.
  • Participants must touch the wall on every turn.
  • Flip turns are permitted.
  • Swimmers may use any swimming strokes and can switch strokes at any time.
  • Swimmers cannot use the pool floor or lane dividers for assistance.
  • Athletes cannot use speed-enhancement devices, such as flippers.
  • No flotation devices are allowed, including life jackets, floaties or wetsuits.
  • No breathing apparatuses are allowed, such as snorkels.
  • The athlete must swim the number of laps generated by the Donor Games 1-mile lap calculator. Athletes will be required to submit the length of their pool and the number of laps calculated with each video submission.
  • The participant’s camera must be set up in a way where the entire lap is captured in the competition video, including both endpoints.*
  • Athletes are responsible for self-timing their workout, either with an app (e.g., WETime, SmartWORD Timer, WOD Tracker) or by having a gym clock or iPad with a timer clearly visible throughout the swim.
  • Should an athlete fail to complete all required laps due to miscalculation or miscounting, the judges may define an average lap time for their swim plus a 20% time penalty, multiply that time by number of laps missed and add that time to the total swim time. If the athlete completes more laps than are required, time will be based off of completion of last required lap.

Founding Sponsors

  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Kidney Registry
  • National Kidney Donation Organization