Donor Games Athlete Profile:
Justin King

About Justin King

Like many Donor Games athletes, Justin King has always been active in fitness, working out five to six times a week and competing in local CrossFit competitions. Hearing that donating a kidney would not affect his fitness level was a major reason he decided to donate. After learning about the Donor Games on Facebook, he began competing in Open events in 2022. In his first event, the 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2022 Open, he placed fourth in the Donor Men category. Now, he regularly appears at the top of the leaderboard for Open events and the Donor Games has become a regular part of his life. He always has something to train for, and his fitness level is higher than ever before.

Donation story: Justin donated directly to a friend in December 2020. At a youth camp run by his church ministry, his friend’s wife pointed out Justin’s very prominent arm veins, something she appreciates as a nurse. He told her he donated blood regularly and she asked his blood type. O positive, he replied. She said, “You wouldn’t happen to have an extra kidney, would you?” Justin thought she was joking. She wasn’t. Her husband, Justin’s friend and fellow church member, needed a kidney but hadn’t told anyone. Justin got tested and was a match. His friend had a successful transplant and is in better health now than he’s ever been.

Personal: Justin lives in Alabama with his wife, Alisha, two of his five children, Taylor, Gideon, Cayden, Kasdin, and Laila, and two dogs, Buddy and Marley. He is an associate minister at his local church and published his first book, Wayward Warrior, in 2020. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf. His passions are faith, family, fitness, and his furry friends.

Donor Games Competitions: Justin King

Heavy Murph2024Open5th372 reps
Championship Overall2023Championship 2nd94 points
Burn & Bench2023Championship 3rd225 pounds
Grace2023Championship 1st3:49
Sprint Murph2023Championship 3rd26:30
1-Mile Swim2023Open8th43:05
Super Murph2023Open2nd21:22
Bonnyman2023Open4thbench press max 247 pounds, 3-rep max deadlift 460 pounds
Championship Overall2022Championship 5th (tiebreaker)89 points
Grace2022Championship 2nd3:57:00
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2022Championship 1st455 pounds
Murph2022Championship 6th1:08:01
Mitch2022Open2nd27 reps
Super Murph2022Open2nd21:49
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2022Open4th425 pounds

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