Donor Games Athlete Profile:
Mimi Mahon

About Mimi Mahon

Mimi Mahon, a frequent competitor and winner of Donor Games events, is the owner and head coach at Mahon Strength & Fitness, which opened its doors in January 2021 in Hamilton, Ohio. More than a dozen Donor Games competitors either belong to her gym or were introduced to the competitions by her. In addition to the Donor Games, Mimi has participated in a variety of fitness competitions including CrossFit, Strong(wo)man, powerlifting, and Spartan Races. She played Division I college softball at Cleveland State University and has worked as a strength coach, softball coach, and CrossFit trainer.

Donor Story: Mimi donated a kidney through the National Kidney Registry’s paired donation program in January 2017. She volunteered to donate on behalf of her mom. Her sister is a nurse and helped their mom through the transplant process. Read Mimi’s full donor story.

Personal: Mimi is one of triplets with her sister, Ali, and brother, Chris. She also has two older brothers, Nick and Nate, as well as parents Nicki and Dale, wife Ashley, and sons Niko and Luka. 

Donor Games Competitions: Mimi Mahon

Heavy Murph2024Open2nd569 reps
Championship Overall2023Championship 1st (tiebreaker)98 points
Burn & Bench2023Championship 1st165 pounds*
Grace2023Championship 1st2:18
Sprint Murph2023Championship 2nd22:45
Super Murph2023Open1st22:36
Bonnyman2023Open1stbench press max 165 pounds, 3-rep max deadlift 350 pounds*
Championship Overall2022Championship 1st98 points
Grace2022Championship 1st1:57*
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2022Championship 1st370 pounds*
Murph2022Championship 2nd51:53
Mitch2022Open1st44 reps*
Super Murph2022Open2nd19:22
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2022Open1st370 pounds*
Championship Overall2021Championship1st99 points
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2021Championship1st365 pounds
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2021Open1st335 pounds
*Donor Games record

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