Donor Games Athlete Profile:
Jason Elmore

About Jason Elmore

Jason burst onto the Donor Games scene in 2022, winning the top podium spot in his first event, the 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2022 Open, with a lift of 500 pounds. Fitness has always been a part of Jason’s life. He played sports in high school and college and has always worked out. Before his donation, he ran some 5Ks (even though he hates running) and did a couple of Spartan races. He was in the military, so he had to stay fit for that as well. Since his donation, his fitness has ramped up. He did the Murph and the Spartan Trifecta in his first year after donation, and is now a regular Donor Games competitor.

Donor Story: In 2019, Jason’s mother-in-law told the family she needed a kidney transplant. After Jason’s wife and brother-in-law were ruled out, Jason, wanting to be a good son-in-law, got tested. He was a direct match and donated on January 13, 2020.

Personal: Jason lives in Keller, Texas, with his wife and two sons, age 13 and 10. He retired from the Air Force Reserves in November. He enjoys working out and playing sports with his family, and does woodworking on the side.

Donor Games Competitions: Jason Elmore

Heavy Murph2024Open4th403 pounds
1-Mile Swim2023Open5th35:16
Championship Overall2023Championship4th88 points
Burn & Bench2023Championship4th220 pounds
Sprint Murph2023Championship4th30:54
Super Murph2023Open5th26:30
Bonnyman2023Open2ndbench press max 252 pounds, 3-rep max deadlift 485 pounds
Championship Overall2022Championship4th (tiebreaker)89 points
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2022Championship2nd450 pounds
Mitch2022Open5th22 total reps
Super Murph2022Open3rd22:22
3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift2022Open1st500 pounds

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  • National Kidney Registry
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