Donor Games Athlete Profile:
Darlene Magsino

About Darlene Magsino

Darlene Magsino is a frequent competitor in Donor Games events and consistently earns a place on the podium. Unlike many other Donor Games athletes, Darlene had never participated in fitness competitions or done CrossFit before joining her first Donor Games event, the Hawkins Workout 2020 Open, less than six months after her donation. Before becoming a donor, Darlene competed in the combat sport Muay Thai, as well as other forms of martial arts.

Donor Story: Darlene donated a kidney to her father in February of 2020. She had never considered being a donor until she began accompanying her dad to visit dialysis centers. She saw a small blurb about living donation on the back of a pamphlet and began researching online.

Personal: Darlene lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her daughter, Maylea. She is a project manager for Perspire Sauna Studio. Besides CrossFit and martial arts, she enjoys reading, trying new foods and dancing.

Donor Games Competitions: Darlene Magsino

  • Donor Games Championship 2023:
    • Overall: 3rd place
    • Burn & Bench: 2nd place (140 lbs)
    • Grace: 3rd place (3:08)
    • Sprint Murph: 1st place (22:14)
  • Super Murph 2023 Open: 2nd place (28:23)
  • Fran Workout 2023 Open: 3rd place (7:50)
  • Bonnyman Workout 2023 Open: 2nd place (bench press max 142 lbs, 3-rep max deadlift 335 lbs)* 
  • Donor Games Championship 2022:
    • Overall: 3rd place
    • Grace: 3rd place (time: 3:02)
    • 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift: 2nd place (weight: 335 lbs)
    • Murph: 3rd place (time: 56:30)
  • Mitch Workout 2022 Open: 2nd place (tie) (21 total reps)
  • Super Murph 2022 Open: 4th place (time 26:18)
  • 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2022 Open: 2nd place (weight: 345 lbs)
  • Grace Workout 2021 Open: 3rd place (time: 3:19)
  • Donor Games Championship 2021:
    • Overall: 3rd place
    • Grace: 3rd place (time: 4:09)
    • 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift: 3rd place (weight: 325 lbs)
    • Murph: 3rd place (time: 57:17)
  • Hawkins Workout 2021 Open: 5th place (time: 44:41)
  • 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2021 Open: 2nd place (weight: 330 lbs)
  • Grace Workout 2020 Open: 2nd place (time: 3:58)
  • Hawkins Workout 2020 Open: 2nd place (time: 1:02:00)

Founding Sponsors

  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Kidney Registry
  • National Kidney Donation Organization