Fran Workout 2024 Open Recap

Our second-ever Fran Workout event, which took place February 6–12, went down to the wire, with amazing performances by Donor Games veterans and new faces alike, including a photo finish in the women’s donor category and two new Donor Games records. Thomas Sullivan is proving himself a force to be reckoned with in the Donor … Read More

1-Mile Swim 2023 Open Recap

In our inaugural 1-Mile Swim workout, which took place August 2–8, we saw record registrations and some world-class times by several living donors, including two athletes who went sub-26 minutes. In the women’s division, Courtney Cox recorded a blistering time of 25:14, edging out Sophia Goode (26:08) by less than 60 seconds. In the men’s division, Jon Sullenberger recorded an incredible time … Leaderboard

Super Murph 2023 Open Recap

The Super Murph 2023 Open, which took place May 10–16, brought the heat and the hurt, with a healthy mix of familiar faces as well as new names atop the leaderboard in this always grueling competition. First-time participant Thomas Sullivan cruised to a first-place finish in the men’s donor category. After an approved first attempt … Leaderboard

Fran Workout 2023 Open Recap

The Fran Workout 2023 Open, a new workout for the Donor Games that took place March 15-21, delivered another exciting event, with fierce competition in both donor categories and a new name appearing at the top of the Donor Men’s leaderboard. In the men’s donor category, Justin King was comfortably in first place with his second … Leaderboard

Bonnyman Workout 2023 Open Recap

The Bonnyman Workout 2023 Open, which took place January 18-24, delivered another exciting competition, with last-minute leaderboard jockeying and some very interesting Donor Games firsts. The Bonnyman Workout is a 1-rep max bench press followed by a 3-rep max deadlift to be completed within a 3-minute time cap. The final score is the composite ranking of the … Leaderboard

Mitch Workout 2022 Open Recap

The Mitch Workout 2022 Open took place June 22 to 29. Competitors had two minutes to complete a maximum number of unbroken bench press reps at a designated weight (185 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women). At or prior to the two-minute mark, athletes began performing strict unbroken pull-ups. The athlete’s score was the … Leaderboard

Super Murph 2022 Open Recap

The Super Murph 2022 Open took place April 6 to 13 and featured athletes competing to complete five rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 air squats and 40 sit-ups. It was another exciting, down-to-the-wire finish for the Super Murph 2022 Open event, with last-minute lead changes in three different categories. Both the donor categories … Leaderboard

3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2022 Open Recap

The 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift 2022 Open ran from February 16 to 23 and featured athletes competing to complete 3 reps of their maximum weight within 10 seconds without resting at the top or bottom. The 3-Rep Trap Bar Deadlift event saw dramatic turmoil on the leaderboard and three new Donor Games records, making it … Leaderboard

Grace Workout 2021 Open Recap

The Grace Workout 2021 Open ran from to November 10-17 and featured a 30 clean and jerks workout for time. Weight for men was 135 lbs, 95 lbs for women; time limit was 15 minutes. Not only did we have a record number of participants for this event—54—as well as a record number of states … Leaderboard

Hawkins Workout 2021 Open Recap

The Hawkins Workout 2021 Open ran from July 20–28 and featured: 10 rounds of 20 hand release push-ups, 30 air squats and 40 sit-ups with a total time limit of 2 hours. We had 37 athletes participate, the most we have seen thus far. The top two overall finishers in ALL categories were women: We … Leaderboard

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