Grace Workout 2021 Open Recap

The Grace Workout 2021 Open ran from to November 10-17 and featured a 30 clean and jerks workout for time. Weight for men was 135 lbs, 95 lbs for women; time limit was 15 minutes. Not only did we have a record number of participants for this event—54—as well as a record number of states represented (16) and donor participants (13), but competitors in three different categories set new all-time Donor Games records!

Mimi Mahon, who just a month ago took the top podium spot for donor women in the 2021 Donor Games Championship, racked up another first-place win in the Grace with a blistering time of 2:05, a new record. The previous record, 2:18, was also set by Mimi, in the Championship.

The men’s donor category was taken by an anonymous donor with a time of 4:28, and Scott Claybrook, a repeat podium finisher, took first place in the transplant recipient men’s division with a time of 4:34.

Donor Games first-timer Kara Concheck Vincent, who was referred by Mimi, put up the best overall time for the women: 1:18. Not only did Kara break our record, her Grace time was 3 seconds faster than the personal best for Tia Clair-Toomey, the current fittest woman in the world.

Greg Holt, another Donor Games newcomer, was the overall top men’s finisher, setting a new record for the category with a time of 1:27. Henry Morales, who held the previous record of 2:19, came in second with a personal best time of 1:50.

In addition to all the new records set, 9 competitors posted sub-2-minute times, breaking the 2-minute barrier for the first time in our Grace Workout!

Final Leaderboard

To view all submitted workouts (sample and full competition workouts) for the Grace Workout 2021 Open, please visit our YouTube channel.

Living Donor: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Anonymous Donor 42 ME 4:28 Watch workout video
2 Kevin Kilkenny 52 NY 7:07 Watch workout video
3 Sam Mathai 25 CO 11:59 Watch workout video
David Ashley 47 VA ** Watch workout video
Garet Hil 58 CT DNQ
Cody Maynard 25 IL DNQ
Living Donor: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Mimi Mahon 33 OH 2:05 Watch workout video
2 Roni Hays 24 TN 2:50 Watch workout video
3 Darlene Magsino 41 MD 3:19 Watch workout video
4 Jennifer Small 52 ME 5:50 Watch workout video
5 Andrea Alejandro 42 TX 6:02 Watch workout video
Samantha Carreiro 32 NH ** Watch workout video
Amy Plourde 46 PA ** Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Scott Claybrook 40 AL 4:34 Watch workout video
Transplant Recipient: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
Samantha Hil 25 CT ** Watch workout video
General: Men
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Greg Holt 36 CT 1:27 Watch workout video
2 Henry Morales 30 MA 1:50 Watch workout video
3 Evan Jackman 25 IN 1:52 Watch workout video
4 Timothy Smith 35 MD 1:54 Watch workout video
5 Sean Lowe 51 OH 2:05 Watch workout video
6 Santos Hernandez 29 MA 2:26 Watch workout video
7 Josh Delao 33 MA 2:39 Watch workout video
8 Mark Beltran 26 MA 2:46 Watch workout video
9 Nathan Hummel 34 OH 3:15 Watch workout video
10 Garrett Perkins 37 NH 3:17 Watch workout video
Andre Carvalho 24 CT DNQ
Seth Cropenbaker 41 OH DNQ
PJ Davis 35 OH DNQ
DJ Fraioli 31 CT DNQ
Miguel Person 43 NY DNQ
Cameron Stapleton 23 OH DNQ
Brad Watkins 38 OH DNQ Watch workout video
Joshua Young 42 TN DNQ Watch workout video
General: Women
Rank Participant Age State Time Video
1 Kara Concheck Vincent 29 GA 1:18 Watch workout video
2 Shelby Donahue 31 CT 1:45 Watch workout video
3 Sarah Wright 40 IN 1:46 Watch workout video
4 Jennifer Garay 32 MA 1:49 Watch workout video
5 Angela Bognanno 29 MA 1:59 Watch workout video
6 Brandy Young 37 TN 2:16 Watch workout video
7 Graceanne Meystrik 24 TN 2:24 Watch workout video
8 Laura Anderson 37 OH 2:29 Watch workout video
9 Ali Mahon-Pabon 33 OH 2:45 Watch workout video
10 Lindsey Holden 39 OH 3:34 Watch workout video
11 Haleigh Daniels 29 OH 3:55 Watch workout video
12 Jesenia Contreras 28 MA 4:20 Watch workout video
13 Kelli Stark 43 OH 4:29 Watch workout video
14 Mary Cronin 37 ME 4:42 Watch workout video
15 Amanda Hummel 34 OH 5:14 Watch workout video
Marisa Brogna 25 MA DNQ
Ana Callejas 28 MA DNQ
Mandy Romine 46 MD DNQ Watch workout video
Traci Ryder 34 OH DNQ Watch workout video
Jennifer Turgeon 49 ME DNQ Watch workout video
Jeanette Vest 43 OH DNQ

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** Performed a modified workout.
DNQ: Athlete did not complete the workout or otherwise meet the requirements to qualify for ranking within the category.

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