NKR-Sponsored Kidney Donor Hilary Baude Completes 1K12M Challenge: 12 Marathons in One Year

Hilary Baude, a living kidney donor athlete sponsored by the National Kidney Registry, has completed the 1K12M (One Kidney, 12 Marathons) challenge.

Baude, along with fellow NKR-sponsored kidney donor athlete Matt Cavanaugh, tackled the 1K12M challenge to shatter the misperception that kidney donation imposes physical limits on donors by completing 12 marathons within one year.

In addition to 10 traditional marathons, Baude also competed in two Ironman events, which include a marathon as well as swimming and biking portions

Baude and 1K12M were the subject of numerous news stories throughout the year, as Baude sought to raise awareness for the need for living kidney donors like her and motivate runners, athletes, and the general public to consider donation. Baude was featured in People, Canadian Running, the Philadelphia Inquirer, WFSB, Triathlon Magazine, and was featured as one of the 50 Most Interesting Athletes.

“This yearlong challenge was among the hardest, yet greatest, endeavors I have ever taken on,” said Baude. “Importantly, I did not and could not have completed it alone. In addition to my running partner, Matt Cavanaugh, I was joined by countless people this year. My husband, my children, my parents, my friends, the kidney community, transplant hospitals, race directors, media outlets, the NKR, and NKDO; you all have just as much ownership of this accomplishment as I do. Thank you to this incredible community for lifting me up, honoring and sharing my story, and allowing me to advocate for something I am so passionate about. I am proud of the work we did this year and I look forward to continuing to raise awareness and saving lives alongside amazing donors, recipients, and friends.”

Baude’s 1K12M Events and Times

  1. February 26: Publix Atlanta Marathon (3:45:11)
  2. March 19: Los Angeles Marathon (3:50:04)
  3. April 22: Salt Lake City Marathon (3:48:43)
  4. May 7: Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon (3:55:23)
  5. May 21: Denver Colfax Marathon (4:00:09)
  6. June 4: Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon (3:41:43)
  7. July 23: San Francisco Marathon (3:47:58)
  8. August 20: Ironman Mont Tremblant (4:14:53 for marathon portion)
  9. October 14: Ironman World Championship (4:04:51 for marathon portion)
  10. October 29: Marine Corps Marathon (3:47:57)
  11. November 5: New York City Marathon (3:38:34)
  12. November 19: Philadelphia Marathon (3:34:53)

About Hilary Baude

Hilary Baude is a kindergarten teacher who donated her kidney to a stranger in May of 2021 and is now an active member of the National Kidney Donation Organization. Hilary was an NCAA Division 1 swimmer and has run 23 marathons and three Ironmans to date.

About Matt Cavanaugh

Matt Cavanaugh, PhD, is a retired US military officer who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the National Kidney Donation Organization. He twice earned the Bronze Star Medal, as well as the Combat Action Badge, for his service in Iraq. Matt donated his left kidney on September 15, 2021, to a stranger and started a donation chain.

About the National Kidney Registry

The National Kidney Registry (www.kidneyregistry.org) is an organization whose mission is to save and improve the lives of people facing kidney failure by increasing the quality, speed, and number of living donor transplants while protecting all living donors.

For more information on the 1K12M challenge, visit the Donor Games website. If you are considering living kidney donation, complete an initial screening form to begin the process.

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