The Murph Workout

The Murph workout consists of several workout elements, performed in the following sequence and timed for rank:

  • One (1) mile run on the open road
  • 10 rounds of
    • 10 pull-ups
    • 20 hand release push-ups
    • 30 air squats
  • One (1) mile run on the open road

Workout Rules

To be considered for the podium and cash prizes, all competitors in the Donor Games Championship must adhere to the following rules for the Murph workout:

  • Pull-ups: Strict, butterfly and kipping pull-ups are all acceptable variations. Palms must face outward, chin must clear the bar at the top of each pull-up, and arms must be fully extended at the bottom of each pull-up. Banded pull-ups are acceptable with a weight assistance of no more than 70 pounds, but your finish time will be placed after other competitors who performed the move unassisted.
  • Hand release push-ups: Hands must lift completely off the ground at the bottom of each push-up, and arms must be fully extended at the top of each push-up. The athlete’s feet must remain on the ground, and be less than or equal to shoulder width apart in distance.
  • Air squats: Competitors must perform a full squat with the upper leg parallel to the floor at the bottom of the squat. Athletes must rise to their full standing height, and demonstrate a lockout with both knees on every rep.
  • Competitors must perform the workout, in order, within the time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Only completed reps receive credit. If you start a rep but do not complete it, you do not get credit for that rep.
  • You only get credit for each run if you complete it within the allotted time. If you start a run but do not complete it before the allotted time expires, you do not get credit for the run, regardless of how far you go.


During the Donor Games Murph rounds, you will be assigned a judge who will validate your reps and record your self-reported finishing time (when you say you are done). Competitors who finish all 10 rounds of the Murph workout and the second 1-mile run will have their finishing time recorded by the chip reader when they return from the second 1-mile run.

Placement in each participant category is based on the time it takes to finish the entire workout. The faster the time, the higher that competitor will place. Please note that you do not have to complete the entire Murph in order to earn points. If a competitor does not finish the Murph within 1 hour and 15 minutes, their score will be calculated based on how close they got to finishing the entire workout. Point breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st – 50 points
  • 2nd – 49 points
  • 3rd – 48 points
  • 4th – 47 points
  • 5th – 46 points
  • Etc….

There are no ties in the Murph.

Scoring Examples

  • Competitor #1 completes the entire Murph and finishes first. Competitor #1 will receive the highest score of 50 points for the Murph.
  • Competitor #2 also completes the entire Murph but finishes second. Competitor #2 will receive 49 points for the Murph.
  • Competitor #3 does not complete the entire Murph. He/she runs the first mile and completes 5 rounds of the workout (50 total pull-ups, 100 total push-ups, 150 total squats). Competitor #3 will receive 48 points.
  • Competitor #4 does not complete the Murph. He/she also runs the first mile but can only accomplish 4 rounds of the pull-ups, push-ups and squats. Competitor #4 will receive 47 points.

How Much the Murph Counts in the Total Score

The Donor Games Championship is a points-based event; the competitor with the most points in their category wins. The total score for each competitor will be a combination of their Murph score (up to 50 points), their 3-rep max deadlift score (up to 25 points) and their Grace score (up to 25 points) for a total between 0 and 100. In the event of a total score tie in any competitor category, the tie-breaker will be 10 calories on an Assault Bike for time

Murph Exercises


Hand Release Push-Ups

Air Squats

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