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Coming in 2021

Donor Games Championship

In a general population survey, 80% of respondents felt that donating a kidney would negatively affect their health. The Donor Games Championship will refute this widely held misconception by showcasing the impressive health and fitness of donors from around the country.

In the inaugural Donor Games Championship, competitors including kidney and liver donors, transplant recipients and National Kidney Registry employees and partners will come together in a spirited competition testing strength and endurance.

More information to come.

Founding Sponsors:

  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Kidney Registry
  • National Kidney Donation Organization

Donor Games Championship Workouts

The Donor Games Championship consists of three elements:
The trap bar deadlift, the Murph workout, and the Grace workout. Click the images below to see a full explanation of each workout, including rules, scoring, strategy and instruction videos.

Cash Prizes

Gold, silver and bronze medals for winners in all categories.
T-shirts will be given to all participants.