Donor Games Championship Registration

Please complete the registration form below to participate in the Donor Games Championship to be held on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at Affinity Athletics in Stamford, Connecticut. This is an in-person competition and will not be available for virtual / remote participation.

Registrations will be accepted until Friday, September 24th or until we reach 40 total registrations, regardless of competition category.

Consent Agreement

By registering for this event, you hereby consent to participate in the “Donor Games” (hereinafter referred to as “The Event”). You assume all risks of injury and hereby waive any liability by the National Kidney Registry, (hereinafter collectively referred to as “us” or “we”).

You acknowledge that there are inherent dangers and risks of physical injury in participating in the Event, including but not limited to: falling, jumping, landing, misdirected equipment, minor injuries, such as scratches, bruises and sprains; major injuries, such as joint and back injuries, broken bones, dislocated shoulders, concussions, musculoskeletal injuries, cardiovascular injuries, heart attack, stroke, and injury to fetus (if pregnant); mental distress from participation; catastrophic injuries, such as brain injury and paralysis; death; and/or property damage.

In the event of any injury or damages of any kind, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any of your own acts, omissions, or negligence. You acknowledge that you do not have any heart conditions or high blood pressure, back, neck or other skeletal, muscular, respiratory or circulatory problems. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any undisclosed condition you may have. You understand that you should seek independent medical advice as to whether or not you should participate in the Event.

You understand that we may limit your participation for any reason, including but not limited to: age, infirmity, height, weight, and/or ability. You warrant that you are over 21 years of age or that you have the consent of a parent / guardian if you are between the ages of 18 and 20.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless, jointly and severally, from and against any and all claims, actions, demands, rights, losses, costs, damages, expenses, settlements, judgments, causes of action and liabilities of any kind whatsoever, whether foreseen or unforeseen, including attorneys’ fees, in law or in equity, arising out of or resulting from any claim related to my participation in The Event, including without limitation, my breach of this agreement or The Event rules and policies, or any other third party claim related to the Event.

Donor Games Championship Registration
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You must be 18 years of age or older by 10/02/2021.
Participants aged 18-20 must also have parental/guardian consent.
Parental Consent Required: I consent to allow the athlete registering herein, who is under the age of 21, to participate in the Donor Games Championship 2021.
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Founding Sponsors

  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Kidney Registry
  • National Kidney Donation Organization