Mitch Workout 2022 Open

Competitors will have two minutes to complete a maximum number of unbroken bench press reps at a designated weight (185 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women). At or prior to the two-minute mark, the athlete must begin performing strict unbroken pull-ups. The athlete’s score will be the sum of the bench press reps and the pull-up reps.


Registration for the Mitch Workout 2022 Open is now open. Registration is $5 per competitor in the Living Donor and Transplant Recipient categories and $50 per competitor in the General category. The registration deadline is June 14, 2022, and the competition will take place June 22 through June 29, 2022. Registered competitors should upload a video of themselves performing a bench press and pull-up to ensure correct form. Click here to learn more about the video requirement.

*All registration dates subject to change.

Workout Rules

To be considered for the podium and cash prizes, all competitors in the Mitch Workout 2022 Open must adhere to the following rules for the workout:

  • The clock starts on the bench press lift-off and the pull-ups must begin at the 2:00 minute mark.
  • For the unbroken bench press reps:
    • Competitors must complete unbroken reps at the designated weight (185 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women).
    • All unbroken bench repetitions must demonstrate a full range of motion in which the barbell must touch the athlete's chest and a full extension and lockout at the elbow must occur at the top of the movement.
    • An athlete may not use a bounce from the barbell off of the chest.
    • The athlete's glutes must touch the bench for the entirety of the exercise sequence.
    • Athletes may have a spotter present while performing the bench press segment of the workout.
      • The spotter cannot assist with a lift-off and the spotter’s hands must remain clear from the barbell while the competitor is performing the movement.
      • The only assistance that the spotter can provide is lifting the bar if an athlete fails on their final repetition.
    • There is a one-rep minimum requirement for bench press reps completed.
  • For the unbroken strict pull-ups:
    • The athlete's chin must clear the bar at the top of the rep and the athlete’s arms must return to a fully extended rest position (dead hang) at the bottom of the rep (no bend in the arms).
    • Athletes may not use any movements that generate momentum such as kipping or butterfly movements.
    • There is a one-rep minimum requirement for strict pull-ups completed.
  • The athlete's rank for the competition will be based upon total number of reps completed for both bench press and pull-ups.

Competition Rules

Registered athletes agree to and will comply with the following rules related to the Donor Games Open competition format.

    • All athletes must be 18 years or older as of the close of registration for the competition.
    • All athletes must agree to the Donor Games Consent Agreement and adhere to the Workout Rules and Competition Rules herein.
    • Athletes are encouraged to submit a sample workout video at any time during the sample workout window.
      • Athletes who do not submit a sample workout video run a higher risk of having their full workout video disqualified during the competition.
    • Athletes must submit their full workout video during the competition window.
    • Athletes may submit more than one workout video to improve their standings on the leaderboard. Competitors may submit no more than ONE (1) video within any 24-hour period.
      • Should an additional workout video be disqualified, it does not impact the rank/eligibility of a previously approved workout video.
    • Athletes must accept prize winnings via ACH payment. Failure to provide ACH payment information within 1 week of the official prize-winning notification will result in forfeiture of the cash prize. All prize winnings will be dispersed within 2 weeks of the official prize-winning notification from the Donor Games.
    • Failure to perform a movement or exercise according to the guidelines will result in disqualification. Judges’ decisions are final as they relate to official time, weight, reps, etc.
    • If a workout video is rejected, the competitor is allowed to submit a new competition workout video at any time during the competition window.
    • Should the workout be disqualified on the last day of competition, athletes may be given an extension beyond the competition deadline at the discretion of the judges.
    • If no new video is submitted before the extended deadline, the competitor is disqualified.

Cash Prizes

Category1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th PlaceEntered
Donor: Men$2,000$1,600$1,200$800$4004
Donor: Women$2,000$1,600$1,200$800$4004
Recipient: Men$1,000$800$600$400$2001
Recipient: Women$1,000$800$600$400$2001
General: Men$1,000$800$600$400$2006
General: Women$1,000$800$600$400$2000

Individuals who are transplant center professionals are eligible to compete for an additional $10,000 in cash prizes through our $10k Challenge.

Founding Sponsors

  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Kidney Registry
  • National Kidney Donation Organization